Pontarius is a business, management and technology consulting firm with a passion to enhance the performance of organisations and their products and services in many different industry sectors and geographical areas.


Seaports have evolved into sophisticated multi-modal hubs with enormous significance for societal development.

Aviation and airports

Aviation systems are complex, expensive and conservative by nature, yet at the same time robust, valuable and innovative. Contradictory? But of course!

Real estate

Housing shortages, steeply rising prices in large urban areas, renovation requirements in the Million Homes Programme, homeless young people, quality deficiencies in the construction industry… the challenges are many.

Roads and streets

Asphalt, kerbstones and lampposts… of course, but also the environment, societal benefit and as a meeting place for people.

Tram and railways

Railways, tramways, underground railways… from proud history through the modern day and into the future; from Malmö schoolchildren to iron ore in Kiruna, from land-hungry landscape barrier to energy-efficient high-speed transport.

Landscape architecture

To us, good landscape architecture is about designing outdoor environments in a manner that unifies aesthetics and functionality.


Globalisation, digitalisation, urbanisation… three important trends permeating today’s evermore sophisticated society, trends where Pontarius are at the forefront of developments.


Ökad teknisk och operativ komplexitet med många olika kravställare gör det än mer komplext att följa upp och möta uppsatta finansiella och operativa mål.


Pontarius management consultants are realists and pragmatists, firmly rooted in future commerce, business and technologies.

The Stockholm office moves to larger premises in the first Hötorg skyscraper!

Efter nära 10 år i Hötorgshus 2 har Pontarius Stockholmskontor vuxit ur lokalen och flyttar den 7 februari till en större och toppmodern lokal i Hötorgshus 1, plan 6, Sveavägen 17.

By air, road and sea.

Pontarius is a leading infrastructure and real estate consultancy, based in Scandinavia but with operations worldwide.

For infrastructure and real estate, there is no room for compromise.

24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are expected to perform and ease the way for thousands of people.

Culture against corruption.

How does one get a company to stand up for anticorruption, and how does one create internal social pressure to combat corruption – both within one’s own organisation and at suppliers and sub-suppliers. This was the subject addressed by Joachim Pikwer, General Counsel at Pontarius, at this year’s IICE Summit in London.