Tram and railways


Railways, tramways, underground railways… from proud history through the modern day and into the future; from Malmö schoolchildren to iron ore in Kiruna, from land-hungry landscape barrier to energy-efficient high-speed transport … comprehensive, challenging and unifying.

It is enormously gratifying that Pontarius is able to participate in the development and expansion of this essential infrastructure!

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Analyses, configuration and financing of tram and railways

We analyse societal benefits, life-cycle perspectives and environmental aspects of track laying, as well as working on the configuration and presentation of integrated and adapted solutions for rail transport in urban environments.

Our financial experts produce investment models and financing alternatives, while our lawyers assist in negotiation and land acquisition and exploitation issues.

Project management, construction management and inspections of tram and railways

We act as the client’s representative during the implementation of projects; taking overall responsibility for environmental issues, security, scheduling and budget and of course technical and quality issues – in short, delivery of the facility.

We take great pains to ensure a good working environment and an ambitious health and safety standards and to maintain excellent relations with all third parties. Naturally, we also plan and lead project, construction management and budget meetings, monitor applications for and compliance with any necessary permits and participate in negotiations with prospective contractors. 

We are more than happy to take on roles such as inspection responsibility under the Planning and Building Act or contract verification, both of course carried out by experienced and certified members of staff.

In summary, as our client you may rest assured that when you engage Pontarius for the implementation of your project – you can do so safe in the knowledge that we will take care of your interests.