Niclas Bryngelsson educates Sweden’s experts in asphalt paving

With the topic ”Asphalt paving with special requirements” Pontarius offers its expertise on paving for seaports and the special demands involved in paving of this vulnerable environment. The lecture, held by Niclas Bryngelsson, Senior Infrastructure Consultant with Pontarius, will be given from a total cost perspective.

“One of our most notable assignments has been the paving upgrade project we carried out for the Port of Gothenburg. Because of the results from this unique project, implemented in close cooperation with the contractors, the Asphalt Forum has asked us to share our experiences with the industry,” Niclas Bryngelsson says.

The Port of Gothenburg consists of 4 million square metres of impervious surface, which for a long time was maintained only when absolutely necessary, and with limited effort. Port management determined that this had resulted in poor utilisation of valuable port areas, and in unnecessary machinery wear and tear. When the area gradually became a risk to employees’ health and safety, management decided to take the radical initiative to upgrade the paving of all port surfaces.

At this point, the Port initiated cooperation with Pontarius, which developed a dimensional model that could handle the high level of durability required by a seaport environment, both in terms of physical force and wear. The fact that the foundation of the port was partly built on a filled seabed also presented challenges for the superstructure.

“This project has been a success from the very beginning, largely since the Port of Gothenburg has taken a holistic approach to project costs by estimating the total cost over a ten-year period. This made it possible to focus on the long-term cost savings involved in the project to upgrade the paved surface. The process of product development, often a natural part of this unique type of project, was also encouraged. This enabled both us and the contractors to deliver and complete a leading-edge solution, even by international standards,” Niclas Bryngelsson says.

The seaport project commenced in 2008 and final inspection was carried out in 2016. In this project, Pontarius was part of the steering committee, assisted in project management and construction management, and also handled inspection and work sampling.


Asphalt Days is Swedish industry forum that draws approximately 500 people each year, many of whom are experts in the field of asphalt paving. This year’s programme includes lectures on asphalt paving in municipalities, paving of pedestrian and cycling paths, a look at the United States and the quality control and documentation that applies there, and the unique asphalt paving upgrade project, of which Pontarius was a driving force.

Asphalt Days 2017 will take place in Malmö on 22 November and in Stockholm on 23 November. It is organised by the Asphalt Forum in cooperation with Swedish municipalities and county councils.

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Stockholms Hamn studied asphalt coatings at the port of Gothenburg

During the week, Sebastian Zaar and Jonas Andersson from Stockholms Hamn was on a study visit at the port of Gothenburg to take part of their unique asphalt coating project. Due to tradition, Stockholm’s harbor has used paver as coating material, but for some time, the ambition has been to change paver against asphalt.

The port of Gothenburg has, in collaboration with Pontarius, come the furthest in Sweden in terms of stable asphalt mats; thus, the choice of partner for the exchange of experience was obvious.

“To get a correct cost estimation, we have looked at the total cost over a longer period of time; and in such a comparison, asphalt, with proper superstructure, stands very well in the exposed environment of a port,” Niclas Bryngelsson, Senior Infrastructure Consultant at Pontarius, says.

Daniel Lersten (Pontarius), Niclas Bryngelsson (Pontarius), Jonas Andersson (Stockholms Hamn), Gunnar Magnusson (APM Terminals, Gothenburg) and Sebastian Zaar (Stockholms Hamn) for instance studied reference areas of groundstone, concrete and asphalt uring their study visit to the port of Gothenburg.

With new expertise in Finance & Performance Management, Pontarius continues to grow

Jonas Wallin is joining Pontarius as Head of Finance & Performance Management. He will be responsible for establishing, developing and managing operations in the business area, Finance & Performance Management, Operations Excellence and Compliance Management.

“I am really looking forward to beginning work at Pontarius,” Jonas says. “The industry continues to expand and has a strong need for support on financing issues, financial and operational governance, and organisational and process-related change management.”

As a consultant and operational manager in both the public and private sectors, Jonas brings with him over 25 years of experience when it comes to leadership, financing, financial governance, corporate finance, M&A, and financial and operational risk management. His background includes interim CFO positions at both small and medium-sized companies, Finance Manager for the Kinnevik Group and ten years as a management consultant. He has also worked in Swedish and international banking.

With the appointment of Jonas, Pontarius is poised to offer a wider range of customer services, especially in the area of financial consultancy.

“Our choice of Jonas is an important component of our focus on financial consultancy in conjunction with the many infrastructure projects we manage and participate in,” Pontarius CEO Johan Odeberg says.

Culture against corruption

How does one get a company to stand up for anticorruption, and how does one create internal social pressure to combat corruption – both within one’s own organisation and at suppliers and sub-suppliers. This was the subject addressed by Joachim Pikwer, General Counsel at Pontarius, at this year’s IICE Summit in London.

The theme of the lecture was how to create a culture opposed to corruption, as well as the business opportunities this can provide.

“This is largely a matter of being aware of and honing the company’s core values. These are often sound values, but they are sometimes put to the test. It is then important that these ethics are deeply rooted in company culture,” says Joachim Pikwer.

IICE started as a forum in 2006 for decision-makers in the fields of Information Management, Investigations, Compliance and eDiscovery (IICE) for the purpose of sharing useful experiences in these areas. Among other things, IICE focuses on how to negotiate these fields in a manner that contributes to an organisation’s profitability, while putting ethics, law and morality on the corporate agenda. This year, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the administration thereof, formed an important part of the programme.

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New meeting place in Tranås, Småland

The residents of Tranås can now enjoy the Svartån as it leisurely winds its way through the town centre from two new jetties, one beside the town hall and one on the town square.

The jetties are part of the municipality’s comprehensive urban development initiative, Stadsvision 2010-2040, focusing on Tranås’ future structure and design from a 30-year perspective. The overall theme is “Putting People First”, and Pontarius is a proud contributor to realising this urban vision.

Although work is not yet one hundred percent complete among other things, meadows are to be planted around the jetties, they are already becoming a part of everyday life for the people of Tranås. With their proximity to both the water and the town centre, the Parks Department is planning to arrange, among other things, concerts on the jetties.

“It almost feels like Copenhagen,” said one Tranås resident, enjoying lunch with a friend in the sunshine on one of the newly opened jetties.

Pontarius has acted as managing consultant throughout the process; designing, project planning and managing the construction.

We are leading the trans­formation of Selma Lagerlofs Torg in Gothen­burg

In collaboration with the Traffic and Public Transport Authority, Pontarius is leading the transformation of Selma Lagerlofs Torg in Gothenburg as part of the Bostad 2021 housing initiative.

“We want to transform this district into somewhere welcoming and secure, an optimistic place with continuity between past and present,” explains a spokesperson for Gothenburg’s Property Management Administration.

The first stage involves a new stretch of Backadalen, laying pipes for new housing, new traffic circulation in preparation for tramlines, and a new service road beside Litteraturgatan. The first stage is due for completion by summer 2018.

The project presents a number of challenges. Consideration must be given to avoiding disruption to the large amount of traffic using the area. During the project period, the square needs to be accessible to the public so that trade does not suffer during construction. This places considerable demands on coordination between the City authorities, contractor, developer and third parties so that day-to-day business in and around the area can function as usual.

Ground conditions around the square present another challenge, due to the loose clay that requires specific measures in order to install pipes and lay roads to a good standard. This requires careful planning and implementation, as well as geotechnical expertise.

The Stockholm office moves to larger premises in the first Hötorg skyscraper!

After almost ten years at Hötorgshus 2, Pontarius’ Stockholm office has out grown its premises and on 7 February we will be moving to larger, state-of-the-art offices at Hötorgshus 1, plan 6, Sveavägen 17.

Here at Pontarius, we are extremely pleased with our new offices in the classic, original Hötorg skyscraper designed by David Helldén and opened in 1960. We now have the opportunity to create a modern, flexible office environment that facilitates Pontarius’ continued growth in the Stockholm region.

For further information, please contact office manager Karl Agestam +46 (0)8 410 290 18.