To meet the increasing housing needs, Göteborgs Stad will, together with several municipal, private and cooperative building actors, carry out a large investment that will provide 7,000 new homes. Pontarius has the honor of being part of this unique project!

This is the first time that the Göteborgs Stad and its politicians cooperate with the business community in a joint project to build more housing, which makes it extra fun that Pontarius is part of this venture. The residences will be ready to move into on Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary in 2021, and the investment is thus called BoStad2021 (LiveCity2021).

Pontarius is involved in six of BoStad2021’s total of 30 sub-projects. Among these, we hold the role of construction manager in four and project manager in two. In all projects, there is a high level of ambition regarding both social and ecological sustainability. Solutions that will make it easier for sustainable travel, more widespread accessibility to all the city’s possibilities, green courtyards, local production of heat and electricity as well as solar cells and geothermal heating are just some of the solutions that will be integrated into the city. In other words, focus is devoted to creating consideration and closeness to both nature and culture; something that we at Pontarius always try to strive for!

In order to build 7,000 new homes over a total of seven years, a broad and careful collaboration between all participants is required where well-tried approaches must be adapted to the needs of the sub-projects. Thus, the assignment has on several occasions meant an opportunity to be involved in finding methods for developing and streamlining the work with planning and construction processes. For Pontarius, it has also been a unique opportunity to act as a positive force when it comes to contributing to more housing in Gothenburg and at the same time cherish the individual needs of the areas when it comes to culture and the environment. In other words, it has been both a very rewarding and fun project to be part of!