Pontarius assists Trafikverket with construction site monitoring at the construction at Rotebro

The Rotebro thoroughfare is considered as one of the county’s most pressured roads. The heavy traffic causes low accessibility and lack of road safety for motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. Since 2016, Trafikverket has therefore been working on rebuilding the road – which Pontarius is a part of!

In close cooperation with Trafikverket’s project organization, several of Pontarius’ consultants have assisted with building site monitoring in fields such as land, lighting, water and sewage services, concrete, QEHS and economics. We are also responsible for the inspection organization and our lawyers have supported the work on the follow-up of the contractor’s social requirements.

The assignment includes several different tasks, such as broaden the existing two-lane road to four files and to equip up the traffic areas in Rotebro and Stäket. The work also includes relocation of distribution pipelines for Stockholm’s drinking water, construction of 12 new roads for road, walking and cycling traffic and fauna passages. The latter makes it possible for wildlife to cross the road risk free between the two forest areas where the Järvafältets nature reserve is on one side.

The complexity, breadth and scope of the project has made it necessary to work across borders between areas of expertise, offices and professions – entirely in accordance with the Pontarius spirit!

Pontarius invests in young consultants and attends the VARM fair in Gothenburg

A company’s colleagues are an incredible asset and the key to success. Investments in recruitment, knowledge and skills are thus a prerequisite for a successful business – something that Pontarius is constantly working on!

At Pontarius, we believe that a sustainable development for our customers is created by the continuous, professional development of our colleagues. Therefore, every employee at Pontarius is offered the opportunity to continue training throughout the career. In addition, we are constantly working to ensure a forward-looking recruitment of young competences that is a part of the development of our business. Attending fairs has proven to be a great way to do this.

We have attended fairs before and always experience it as extremely rewarding. The conversations with students do not only give us the opportunity to be seen and present our vision, but are also always very interesting and provide us with new perspectives and ideas to use in the future.

In November, Pontarius will once again attend the VARM fair at Chalmers in Gothenburg. You are very welcome to visit our booth!

Renovation of Museikajen and Strömkajen

After several years of repairs in the areas surrounding Museikajen and Strömkajen, the projects are starting to come to an end. Among other things, the renovation of the National Museum is about to be completed – something that Pontarius is a part of!

Museikajen and Strömkajen are located on the south east and south of Blasieholm, adjacent to the National Museum, and are connected to each other in front of Skeppsholmsbron. The areas around and on the quays have been renovated in three stages. The first concerned the area between Skeppsholmsbron and the National Museum’s new technology building, and the second was the area between the technology building and Museiparken. Pontarius’ Robert Lestander has the role as construction manager during the ongoing third stage; which includes the section between the National Museum’s main entrance and Skeppsholmsbron.

The repairs outside the National Museum and in front of Skeppsholmsbron include, among other things, a refurbishment of the surface layer, which since 2015 has consisted of non-leveled and provisionally laid asphalt. The design is going to resemble Strömkajen and is, among other things, done with arched tiny stone, large cobblestone as well as curbstones in granite.

The project will be completed on September 30, and on October 13, the National Museum will open after a total of five years of renovation and rebuilding.

Office expansion in Halmstad

It was not long ago that Pontarius’ activity spread to more places in Sweden and an office in Lidköping was opened. The goal has always been to expand and further develop the company, and we are therefore pleased to announce that Pontarius is now also found in the residential town of Halmstad!

With its 100 000 inhabitants, Halmstad is one of the larger municipalities in Sweden. Due to its beautiful location at the west coast, tourism flourishes, more and more companies are being established, and the number of inhabitants is increasing rapidly – a development that Pontarius wants to be a part of! The office is located on the 20th floor in Trade Center and the office manager is Fredrik Magnusson.

Even though the office is relatively new, we have already entered a framework agreement with Halmstad Municipality. In other words, we have already built a good foundation for future projects and development of our operations in Halmstad. Pontarius is also helping the Fortifications Agency in Halmstad with expertise regarding land, construction and building on a strategic property. The recruitment process is also underway, and we hope that this will also help to develop our activity in Halmstad.

Pontarius is growing and spreding to more places in Sweden. The latest office extension is found in Lidköping

Pontarius is continuing its expansion and is opening its eight office, this time in central Lidköping.

Lidköping is a city whose population is steadily increasing, and Pontarius wants to be a part of the city’s expansion and future plans. Pontarius has received an assignment on a three-year framework agreement with AB Bostäder, which is the municipal housing company in the municipality. In addition, Pontarius has responsibility in several projects where the silo construction for Fazer should be mentioned as the most comprehensive.

The first person at the Lidköping office was Jonas Lyckebäck. The new addition Marcus Bäck, who is a project/construction manager and moisture expert, arrived shortly afterwards. The recruitment process of staff to the office has begun and new premises are already being searched for.

“We are really looking forward to building an organization that can offer our clients a range of skills such as construction inspections, control officer cert K, project management/design/construction management and moisture investigations”, Jonas Lyckebäck says.

Image: The silo construction for Fazer in Lidköping.

Pontarius was a part of, and felt strong interest, high ambition and innovation power at the KTH Labor Market Fair, Lava 2018

To participate in fairs is incredibly rewarding and interesting. The enthusiasm from students who are eager to join the work life and test their skills truly is contagious and provides us with new perspectives on leadership and business development. For Pontarius, it is also a method to ensure a forward-looking recruitment of young talents who can contribute to a sustainable development of our business.

Lava gathers contractors, real estate companies, real estate companies, consulting companies, as well as representatives from state and municipal companies; and thus provides students with the opportunity to connect with companies within the building, architectural, real estate and finance industry. The focus of the fair is to create forum for contact between future employers and students.

Pontarius was represented by Jonas Wallin and Filip Jacobsson, who presented the company’s activities and visions of being a leading consultancy within the community construction sector. This year, the big attraction turned out to be the Aviation and Airports business area, as many people found it to be especially exciting. However, the Property and Development business area was also a popular topic among the students.

We who participated experienced that Pontarius had made a positive impression on the students from last year as there were many recurring people stopping by. But we also met many new people who had heard about our company and were interested in knowing more about what we stand for and the types of assignments and projects we perform.

To participate in fairs is incredibly rewarding and interesting. The enthusiasm from students who are eager to join the work life and test their skills truly is contagious and provides us with new perspectives on leadership and business development. As a company, it is also crucial to be seen in order to ensure the opportunity to recruit qualified people in the future.

In conclusion, we are incredibly pleased with the day, and the conversations and discussions that we had with the students provided us with new energy and good ideas to have with us in the future. We are looking forward to coming back to the Lava fair next year.

Niclas Bryngelsson educates Sweden’s experts in asphalt paving

With the topic ”Asphalt paving with special requirements” Pontarius offers its expertise on paving for seaports and the special demands involved in paving of this vulnerable environment. The lecture, held by Niclas Bryngelsson, Senior Infrastructure Consultant with Pontarius, will be given from a total cost perspective.

“One of our most notable assignments has been the paving upgrade project we carried out for the Port of Gothenburg. Because of the results from this unique project, implemented in close cooperation with the contractors, the Asphalt Forum has asked us to share our experiences with the industry,” Niclas Bryngelsson says.

The Port of Gothenburg consists of 4 million square metres of impervious surface, which for a long time was maintained only when absolutely necessary, and with limited effort. Port management determined that this had resulted in poor utilisation of valuable port areas, and in unnecessary machinery wear and tear. When the area gradually became a risk to employees’ health and safety, management decided to take the radical initiative to upgrade the paving of all port surfaces.

At this point, the Port initiated cooperation with Pontarius, which developed a dimensional model that could handle the high level of durability required by a seaport environment, both in terms of physical force and wear. The fact that the foundation of the port was partly built on a filled seabed also presented challenges for the superstructure.

“This project has been a success from the very beginning, largely since the Port of Gothenburg has taken a holistic approach to project costs by estimating the total cost over a ten-year period. This made it possible to focus on the long-term cost savings involved in the project to upgrade the paved surface. The process of product development, often a natural part of this unique type of project, was also encouraged. This enabled both us and the contractors to deliver and complete a leading-edge solution, even by international standards,” Niclas Bryngelsson says.

The seaport project commenced in 2008 and final inspection was carried out in 2016. In this project, Pontarius was part of the steering committee, assisted in project management and construction management, and also handled inspection and work sampling.


Asphalt Days is Swedish industry forum that draws approximately 500 people each year, many of whom are experts in the field of asphalt paving. This year’s programme includes lectures on asphalt paving in municipalities, paving of pedestrian and cycling paths, a look at the United States and the quality control and documentation that applies there, and the unique asphalt paving upgrade project, of which Pontarius was a driving force.

Asphalt Days 2017 will take place in Malmö on 22 November and in Stockholm on 23 November. It is organised by the Asphalt Forum in cooperation with Swedish municipalities and county councils.

>> See the entire programme here.

Stockholms Hamn studied asphalt coatings at the port of Gothenburg

During the week, Sebastian Zaar and Jonas Andersson from Stockholms Hamn was on a study visit at the port of Gothenburg to take part of their unique asphalt coating project. Due to tradition, Stockholm’s harbor has used paver as coating material, but for some time, the ambition has been to change paver against asphalt.

The port of Gothenburg has, in collaboration with Pontarius, come the furthest in Sweden in terms of stable asphalt mats; thus, the choice of partner for the exchange of experience was obvious.

“To get a correct cost estimation, we have looked at the total cost over a longer period of time; and in such a comparison, asphalt, with proper superstructure, stands very well in the exposed environment of a port,” Niclas Bryngelsson, Senior Infrastructure Consultant at Pontarius, says.

Daniel Lersten (Pontarius), Niclas Bryngelsson (Pontarius), Jonas Andersson (Stockholms Hamn), Gunnar Magnusson (APM Terminals, Gothenburg) and Sebastian Zaar (Stockholms Hamn) for instance studied reference areas of groundstone, concrete and asphalt uring their study visit to the port of Gothenburg.

With new expertise in Finance & Performance Management, Pontarius continues to grow

Jonas Wallin is joining Pontarius as Head of Finance & Performance Management. He will be responsible for establishing, developing and managing operations in the business area, Finance & Performance Management, Operations Excellence and Compliance Management.

“I am really looking forward to beginning work at Pontarius,” Jonas says. “The industry continues to expand and has a strong need for support on financing issues, financial and operational governance, and organisational and process-related change management.”

As a consultant and operational manager in both the public and private sectors, Jonas brings with him over 25 years of experience when it comes to leadership, financing, financial governance, corporate finance, M&A, and financial and operational risk management. His background includes interim CFO positions at both small and medium-sized companies, Finance Manager for the Kinnevik Group and ten years as a management consultant. He has also worked in Swedish and international banking.

With the appointment of Jonas, Pontarius is poised to offer a wider range of customer services, especially in the area of financial consultancy.

“Our choice of Jonas is an important component of our focus on financial consultancy in conjunction with the many infrastructure projects we manage and participate in,” Pontarius CEO Johan Odeberg says.

Culture against corruption

How does one get a company to stand up for anticorruption, and how does one create internal social pressure to combat corruption – both within one’s own organisation and at suppliers and sub-suppliers. This was the subject addressed by Joachim Pikwer, General Counsel at Pontarius, at this year’s IICE Summit in London.

The theme of the lecture was how to create a culture opposed to corruption, as well as the business opportunities this can provide.

“This is largely a matter of being aware of and honing the company’s core values. These are often sound values, but they are sometimes put to the test. It is then important that these ethics are deeply rooted in company culture,” says Joachim Pikwer.

IICE started as a forum in 2006 for decision-makers in the fields of Information Management, Investigations, Compliance and eDiscovery (IICE) for the purpose of sharing useful experiences in these areas. Among other things, IICE focuses on how to negotiate these fields in a manner that contributes to an organisation’s profitability, while putting ethics, law and morality on the corporate agenda. This year, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the administration thereof, formed an important part of the programme.

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