It was not long ago that Pontarius’ activity spread to more places in Sweden and an office in Lidköping was opened. The goal has always been to expand and further develop the company, and we are therefore pleased to announce that Pontarius is now also found in the residential town of Halmstad!

With its 100 000 inhabitants, Halmstad is one of the larger municipalities in Sweden. Due to its beautiful location at the west coast, tourism flourishes, more and more companies are being established, and the number of inhabitants is increasing rapidly – a development that Pontarius wants to be a part of! The office is located on the 20th floor in Trade Center and the office manager is Fredrik Magnusson.

Even though the office is relatively new, we have already entered a framework agreement with Halmstad Municipality. In other words, we have already built a good foundation for future projects and development of our operations in Halmstad. Pontarius is also helping the Fortifications Agency in Halmstad with expertise regarding land, construction and building on a strategic property. The recruitment process is also underway, and we hope that this will also help to develop our activity in Halmstad.