The Rotebro thoroughfare is considered as one of the county’s most pressured roads. The heavy traffic causes low accessibility and lack of road safety for motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. Since 2016, Trafikverket has therefore been working on rebuilding the road – which Pontarius is a part of!

In close cooperation with Trafikverket’s project organization, several of Pontarius’ consultants have assisted with building site monitoring in fields such as land, lighting, water and sewage services, concrete, QEHS and economics. We are also responsible for the inspection organization and our lawyers have supported the work on the follow-up of the contractor’s social requirements.

The assignment includes several different tasks, such as broaden the existing two-lane road to four files and to equip up the traffic areas in Rotebro and Stäket. The work also includes relocation of distribution pipelines for Stockholm’s drinking water, construction of 12 new roads for road, walking and cycling traffic and fauna passages. The latter makes it possible for wildlife to cross the road risk free between the two forest areas where the Järvafältets nature reserve is on one side.

The complexity, breadth and scope of the project has made it necessary to work across borders between areas of expertise, offices and professions – entirely in accordance with the Pontarius spirit!