Digitization and automation are becoming increasingly common in the infrastructure industry. For Pontarius it is a matter of course to be a part of this; whether it concerns legal work, design, construction management, management or anything else! This time we are helping APM Terminals in Gothenburg to digitize their in and out truck passages to the dock.

At the moment, everything at APM Terminals is performed manually: containers arrive at the quayside by truck or train, the driver parks, finds those who work on the quayside, and lastly gets a stamp and driving direction. While this, indeed multi-step approach, works well, there is room for improvement. The purpose of the project is therefore to digitize and automate the entry and exit process by setting up barcode readers that both identifies the container and finds the pre-registration. Thus, the driver will, instead of having to complete all steps by him- or herself, only need to confirm who he/she is on a computer screen.

Pontarius has been involved since the project was introduced 1,5 years ago. We have created the foundation for the design of the entire project and also serve as a technical support during the process. For example, in order to design the actual land facility, we have helped to simulate the transport flows, thus finding out how the lorries should stand, where they should queue and where the barcode readers should be located. The preparations were completed sometime in February/March, and by then it was time for Pontarius to take on the role as building and project manager for the construction.

It is of course extremely fun that Pontarius is involved in forward-looking projects as this, and we hope to continue to be at the forefront of development!