During the week, Sebastian Zaar and Jonas Andersson from Stockholms Hamn was on a study visit at the port of Gothenburg to take part of their unique asphalt coating project. Due to tradition, Stockholm’s harbor has used paver as coating material, but for some time, the ambition has been to change paver against asphalt.

The port of Gothenburg has, in collaboration with Pontarius, come the furthest in Sweden in terms of stable asphalt mats; thus, the choice of partner for the exchange of experience was obvious.

“To get a correct cost estimation, we have looked at the total cost over a longer period of time; and in such a comparison, asphalt, with proper superstructure, stands very well in the exposed environment of a port,” Niclas Bryngelsson, Senior Infrastructure Consultant at Pontarius, says.

Daniel Lersten (Pontarius), Niclas Bryngelsson (Pontarius), Jonas Andersson (Stockholms Hamn), Gunnar Magnusson (APM Terminals, Gothenburg) and Sebastian Zaar (Stockholms Hamn) for instance studied reference areas of groundstone, concrete and asphalt uring their study visit to the port of Gothenburg.