Water & Sewage

We work with both current and future water issues. Water must be clean, fairly distributed, in the right place and in sufficient quantities.

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Support in the entire water cycle

Drinking water supply and wastewater management are two extremely central issues and basic preconditions for a functioning society. Pontarius has extensive experience in handling water issues, from early stages to implementation and follow-up, throughout the water cycle. We design water supply and sewerage systems, do stormwater investigations and produce water supply and sewerage plans. We are happy to take care of detailed design of water supply networks, sewage networks and stormwater flows. This includes the production of complete tender documents where our teams of designers, investigators, designers, environmental consultants and construction lawyers work together to get all perspectives. Our experienced construction managers then ensure that the contract is carried out in the best way and together with our contract inspectors men and women ensure that the facility meets all requirements for the environment, quality and economy.