Pontarius combines the benefits of classical engineering and business law. Pontarius Law is not a law firm. We do not focus on the dispute but on solutions – in favor of the good project. We work at the forefront of the project to anticipate and avoid potential pitfalls and disputes by finding solutions before this occurs. However, these solutions do not have the main purpose of managing problems. Instead, the purpose and the great gain of hiring an experienced lawyer is that the project will proceed much smoother from the start. You will notice that this benefits all of the project’s stakeholders, both those who work in the project itself and those who are directly or indirectly concerned by it.

Globalization, digitization, urbanization…

…three major trends that permeates today’s increasingly sophisticated society; trends in which Pontarius, with our knowledge in infrastructure, is located at the forefront of development. However, it is starting to become more and more evident that successful projects within these trends are heavily dependent on knowledge about law.

In the complexity of our industry, legal consultants at Pontarius Law work together with all our experienced technical and financial infrastructure consultants. We facilitate and stabilize the interaction with the environment and society in general and in your specific project, business or activity. This gives us a unique strength that is hard to find elsewhere. Add the many years of legal experience specially connected to infrastructure, and you have a resource that can follow your project and create value and ease in all its steps and challenges.

IT legislation, procurement and training.

Pontarius Law complements our other services by providing a legal perspective

In the field of contract law we have access to a wide range of expertise, including Pontarius’ experienced construction and project managers, PBA inspectors and contract verifiers. We also provide consultancy services on business law, including contract and company law, IT legislation and procurement. We hold training courses specifically tailored to our clients’ needs and are more than happy to combine our many areas of expertise to provide a broader perspective on any issue.

We offer the following specific legal services in relation to infrastructure projects:

  • Advice regarding procurement processes (public or private)
  • Review of tender documentation
  • Ongoing support for project and construction management
  • On-call ÄTA (Alterations and Additions) service – legal categorization and analysis of requirements within 48 hours
  • Analysis of bills of quantities, with or without reference to the Swedish “MER Anläggning” rules
  • Assistance in preparing and interpreting survey or inspection reports
  • Analysis of error reports and troubleshooting/fault rectification requirements
  • Analysis of disputes and assistance in hiring legal representation
  • Preparation of expert opinions

Business law, including contract and company law.

Pontarius Law complements our other services by providing a legal perspective.

Our legal experts have extensive experience of working in close proximity to business, as in-house lawyers at companies ranging from entrepreneurial concerns to listed and state-owned companies. We understand that our customers expect us to deliver cost-effective and smart legal services. For us, it goes without saying that we be sensitive to our customers’ needs and deeply engaged in their business, as well as the conditions in which they operate. In this way we can provide the relevant support and be a long-term, strategic, value-creating partner, both through providing ongoing advice during projects and as a on-call extra resource.

Pontarius Law also provides legal advice regarding corporate issues:

  • Company law issues
  • In connection with the sale or acquisition of a company
  • Compliance and corporate governance
  • Procurement/purchasing laws
  • Expansion beyond the country’s borders