Electricity & Lighting

Electricity & Lighting

To us, electricity and lighting are key to creating the society of the future. Here, terms such as function and aesthetics as well as safety and energy efficiency are combined with the latest technology and modern man. We are at the core of this and love finding smart solutions for the optimum end result. Among other things, our consultants work with analysis, design, engineering, procurement support, construction and project management, operations, maintenance and inspection.

Road and street lighting

The function of road and street lighting is primarily to improve visibility in traffic, but we also want to use lighting to create an atmosphere and well-being, not least in urban and park environments. Pontarius has extensive experience in road and street lighting and also works with construction and project management, contract and operational inspections, as well as complex lighting studies. We also carry out lighting design and engineering, and provide technical and strategic customer support for contract electricity and lighting.

We work closely with our landscape architects, planners and contract lawyers to ensure no perspective is missed. Operation and maintenance are key for the life cycle perspective as well as for high reliability and function. Our consultants have extensive experience in the area and know what is needed for lighting to work year in, year out during both severe autumn storms and harsh winter nights. We do of course work with the latest energy efficiency and sustainability technology.

Electricity at airports

At airports, extremely stringent requirements are placed on parameters such as precision, availability and redundancy. This applies not least to airports’ electrical installations, which are extremely important in terms of security and capacity. We work with the entire chain from design and engineering of the power supply, airport lights and lighting, to the execution phase with construction and project management to inspections of completed facilities.

Intelligent transport systems (ITS)

Intelligent transport systems can contribute to improved traffic safety, mobility and comfort. Pontarius is involved with the inspection, construction management and improvement of ITS to promote good capacity, mobility and traffic flow.

Power supply

A robust, efficient and climate-smart power supply is key to building our future sustainable society. We work with backup power, UPS and other redundancy at airports. We assist the major players who are responsible for our national grid with both procurement support, construction management and inspection to ensure a secure, environmentally friendly and cost-effective system.