How does one get a company to stand up for anticorruption, and how does one create internal social pressure to combat corruption – both within one’s own organisation and at suppliers and sub-suppliers. This was the subject addressed by Joachim Pikwer, General Counsel at Pontarius, at this year’s IICE Summit in London.

The theme of the lecture was how to create a culture opposed to corruption, as well as the business opportunities this can provide.

“This is largely a matter of being aware of and honing the company’s core values. These are often sound values, but they are sometimes put to the test. It is then important that these ethics are deeply rooted in company culture,” says Joachim Pikwer.

IICE started as a forum in 2006 for decision-makers in the fields of Information Management, Investigations, Compliance and eDiscovery (IICE) for the purpose of sharing useful experiences in these areas. Among other things, IICE focuses on how to negotiate these fields in a manner that contributes to an organisation’s profitability, while putting ethics, law and morality on the corporate agenda. This year, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the administration thereof, formed an important part of the programme.

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