Last week, one of our designers held an internal introduction in drone technology for our landscape architects – something that turned out to work even better than we anticipated!

Pontarius business model is focused on value-adding and sustainable development for our customers; something that we believe is created by the continous professional development of our colleagues. We therefore work from a holistic perspective where our different areas of expertise, offices and professional categories work together – all in order to constantly broaden and deepen our knowledge.

This time we created a connection between drone technology and landscape architecture. Pontarius already has several assignments where inventory of land is done with the help of drone technology, something that has proved to work smoothly and provides daily updated information to the customer, and the idea is thus to further expand the technology’s areas of use.

Landscape inventory with the help of drones enables innovative working methods and meeting processes together with both customer and working group. The technology makes it possible to create 2D and 3D views of areas that can be used as a basis for sketching and design work, as well as illustrative material.

The introduction was, to say the least, very successful! Due the clear examples given, the potential of the drone technology became obvious, and our landscape architects were thus both inspired and motivated to deepen their knowledge in order to be able to implement the technology in everything from working methods to visualization!

…To be continued!