Pontarius develops business with drones

Pontarius develops business with drones

Publish date: 13 Nov 2018

The use of drones in projects makes it possible to collect data faster, cheaper and safer compared to the traditional methods used. During the year, Pontarius has therefore begun the implementation of drone technology and developed workflows for the new business!

Drones have become an increasing part of the digitalization process in the infrastructure industry. The development of the technology has expanded the area of application and allows the user to perform projects with new perspectives and opportunities. Pontarius has access to a significant range of software for processing and analyzing data collected with drone technology. This has contributed to the fact that drone technology has developed into becoming a natural part of our projects in planning, construction management and construction site monitoring.

The technology has proved to be a major asset within surface inventory, land modeling and volume calculations. The drone has also been used to document construction sites and during inspections of construction work. A challenge that has arisen has been to build the right set of skills in different areas, for instance when it comes to the use of autonomous systems, image processing, measurement technology and data management.

Our projects in which we use drones include everything from simpler photography work to more complex measurement work. We will definitely continue to explore the possibilities of drone technology. One of our future plans and hopes is to widen the scope and develop the technology so it can be applied to more business areas within the company.