Tisarbaden is a small town that lies by the lake Tisaren lies and has, for a long time, been a popular area for summer cottages. Now the area’s sewerage network will be expanded, and Askersund municipality has taken the decision to take help from Pontarius!

Tisarbaden has formerly been dominated by holiday homes but is now starting to become home to more and more permanent settlers. Hence, there is now a need for and a gain in ensuring the long-term performance of the properties. The municipality has therefore decided to connect all properties to the municipal pipeline so that the entire town has access to municipal water.

The properties must be connected through a so-called LPS-system (Low Pressure Sewer system). Pontarius’ work has included an investigation, a design of the grid to more than 120 properties, a geotechnical survey and a risk analysis for vibration-causing work. In addition, we will hold the role of project and construction manager during the contract period. In other words, the work has been long and captures a very wide range of skills – exactly how we like working in projects!