A continuous business development created by its colleagues is a prerequisite for creating a sustainable business. By the end of October, the Real Estate business area thus had a conference in Halmstad, in which about twenty colleagues from Pontarius met and discussed the existing real estate business and how this could be further developed.

Based on recent developments in the real estate industry, it can be established that the need for cross-functional technical, legal and financial support in the field of real estate development, real estate transfers and property management is high. Pontarius Real Estate therefore consists of a team of operational consultants with long and solid experience in technical, legal and financial services and solutions in the real estate sector. Together they have the skills to solve all sorts of operational problems, errors and shortcomings, disputes and challenges that real estate companies, entrepreneurs and property developers can face.

Working cross-border between areas of expertise and proffesional categories is nothing new to Pontarius; and one does not have to look for a long time to find its presence. The name of the company comes from Latin and means “Bridge builder”; chosen because we have always strived to build bridges between different areas of expertise, between different perspectives as well as between our customers and us.

The meaning of the name serves as a guide to how we want to run our business, and it is of course important to ensure that this vision is complied with. During the conference, we therefore discussed how we, with our overall concept where Engineers, Trustees, Economists, Legalists, Landscape Architects work together in a Task Force, create that special touch in projects. The focus was on finding out how we can create the greatest added value for our customers through smart, efficient and sustainable solutions for acquisition, construction, ownership, development and management of real estate. Our firm conviction is that we, through understanding of the whole and access to the entire chain of competences, can create a bit smarter, a little wiser and more efficient solutions – in small as well as big projects!