Renovation of Museikajen and Strömkajen

Renovation of Museikajen and Strömkajen

Publish date: 6 Sep 2018

After several years of repairs in the areas surrounding Museikajen and Strömkajen, the projects are starting to come to an end. Among other things, the renovation of the National Museum is about to be completed – something that Pontarius is a part of!

Museikajen and Strömkajen are located on the south east and south of Blasieholm, adjacent to the National Museum, and are connected to each other in front of Skeppsholmsbron. The areas around and on the quays have been renovated in three stages. The first concerned the area between Skeppsholmsbron and the National Museum’s new technology building, and the second was the area between the technology building and Museiparken. Pontarius’ Robert Lestander has the role as construction manager during the ongoing third stage; which includes the section between the National Museum’s main entrance and Skeppsholmsbron.

The repairs outside the National Museum and in front of Skeppsholmsbron include, among other things, a refurbishment of the surface layer, which since 2015 has consisted of non-leveled and provisionally laid asphalt. The design is going to resemble Strömkajen and is, among other things, done with arched tiny stone, large cobblestone as well as curbstones in granite.

The project will be completed on September 30, and on October 13, the National Museum will open after a total of five years of renovation and rebuilding.