Wide and extensive work in Askersund municipality

Wide and extensive work in Askersund municipality

Publish date: 8 Mar 2019

Pontarius works by order of both the state, municipalities and the private sector. When it comes to municipalities, Askersund is a big customer, especially when it comes to project planning!

Since 2017, Pontarius has carried out about a dozen project planning assignments regarding the exchange and renewal of existing pipeline networks around the locations in Askersund municipality. All assignments consist of several different parts, such as developing complete contract documents, conducting environmental checks, acting as a construction manager, inspecting, inventorying, carrying out measurements using drones and performing various types of investigations.

Image: The project Spikvägen in the town of Kårberg. We have created contract documents for the exchange of approximately 300 meters of water pipes and 60 meters of spill pipes to existing booster station. We also carried out an environmental inspection, handled the inspection and had the role of construction manager during the production.

One of the more interesting and unique projects is “Förbifart V Åmmeberg”, which is still in its startup phase. There we will design and investigate the possibility of adding a new transmission line through Åmmeberg. The route passes through a harbor belonging to a Zink mine and through the lake Åmmelången. As these stretches are contaminated, much contact and cooperation is required with the County Administrative Board and Environmental Management to perform sampling on the bottom sediment, geotechnical engineering and to map the lake. In other words, it is a comprehensive assignment that involves several people from different areas of expertise and professional categories and also gives us the opportunity to further broaden and deepen our knowledge – just as we strive to work in projects!